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Chapter One: The Watch
Victoria looked over her shoulder as they left The Watcher's chamber and studied him for a moment. She was almost entranced by the being that sat there in silent watch of all realities, but did not envy him in the least.
Quickly catching up with everyone, she silently listened to Dr. Strange speak in relative terms about the things she already had been told.
"But honestly, what if we don't want to go home. I mean, not to sound...silly, but I have maybe 4 people that are remotely interested in where I've been and what I'm doing right now... my adoptive parents, my friend Peter, and well.... Wade..." she didn't look at anyone as she spoke, she was too intent on the lunar landscape and taking it all in.
"So to be all honest, they are all better off without me there...because I only bring danger into their lives...and I'm not willing to do that. So in my down time, if I could just go somewhere else, that would work for me."
She knew that Sinister would be waiting...and she wasn't ready to face him, not yet. Someday, but not right now.
Letting her eyes trail to Hank, she smiled softly as they continued to walk.

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