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Once an Invader
Just finished reading the first 2 parts of this, and I have to say I've really enjoyed it.
[spoiler]I'm digging the whole Clint/Jan thing honestly. It's really about time she moves on to better things[/spoiler]

[spoiler]And Kelsey and Cap going at it was great. Someone needs ta put Captian "Doo good" in his place once and a while, it was nice to see a woman do it![/spoiler]
Sure, it's not a classic Avengers story, but... this isn't classic Anvengers and there are TONS of classic stories out there. I'm all about breathing new life into a book. I think, while many disagree, that Chuck Austen is doing a much better job of writing this book than he did writing the X-books.

So, have you read? Did your jaw drop at the last scene in #83/498?

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