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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Rogue looked at the group and started to state an obvious question. "I know that I don't have the most expansive knowledge on my own. But there is a niggling question in the back of mind that the sorcerer supreme isn't necessarily going to be Dr. Strange."

Rogue closed her eyes as Reed Richards' computer of a brain starting spitting input out at her. The word Sorcerer Supreme seemed to bounce back more info than she could handle at once. She brought her hands up to either side of her head and took a deep breath. She willed her mind to clear, and when she opened her eyes everything was back to normal.

"I have a bad feeling about Barry running off like that. Suppose he gets lost or found out?"

Wishing she could take back that last statement, she thought again and quickly changed the subject. "Does anyone know of a good hideout for the night?"

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