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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Before Hank had the opportunity to respond to her query, Victoria sighed and watched Barry speed off.
"I could grab him, you know." she said as she crossed her arms over her chest, just letting him go.
"As far as what you'll look like Norrin..well.." She was trying to think of an easy way to explain mind manulipulation. "It's rather like, they see what they want to see. They won't see you in any particular way, it's just they won't see you all shiny and bright either."
"And as far as Dr. Strange goes... we'll just find out when we get there, won't we?" Stuffing her hands in her pockets, she started to walk away from the group. Calling out over her shoulder as she did.
"You guys can stand there and debate it all night. I'm going to keep the kid from getting himself offed."
As the distance between Victoria and the group grew, she only shook her head in amazement. Not only were they standing in New York, but everyone seemed to be back to square one where they always ended up. Standing around talking about what to do instead of chasing after a kid who might get himself killed.
"Maybe he was right after all..." The thought crossed through her mind before she even had the chance to think about it. Then, so did another thought.
She knew her way around the city pretty well. Hell, she had graduated from ESU not more than 2 years ago, so she knew the Village well. A bit of concern began to mar her pale visage as she wondered.
"I wonder if Peter is around here somewhere... hell, we could even be in my reality. But if we're not, could I run into myself?" it was a whispered thought from a scientific mind as it went to work calculating the possibility of being "home."

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