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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Peter had been manuvering from tree to tree, making little if any noise as he tried to remain out of sight. It wasn't the fastest way he could move, but it was one of the safest. Webslinging wasn't much good with such low elevation not to mention that it would grab a few questioning looks should anyone spot him in the act. Right now he was wondering on what the quickest course of action would be on getting to Barry. If this world was anything like his, then the sewers would be the safest mode of travel. Unfortunately, it would also be the slowest. Soon he would be out in the city and out of the park. He would have lots of room to use his favorite means of transportation, but he was unsure if he should. He didn't know this world, didn't know its people, and from what they had been told heroes were in short supply. That forced the spider to consider the possibility that heroes were hunted, similiar to his world. If so, then webslinging may draw attention to himself, attention he nor the team would want.
"Speaking of the team..."
Halting his advance towards the young speedster's location, Parker dropped from the branch he was perched on and looked behind him to see if any of the others were coming as well. From what he could tell, one was, and it looked like Victoria.
"Maybe I'll be able to websling afterall."
Using the same method of travel as he had before, Peter made his way back to the female member of the team, soon landing almost directly infront of her.
"Hello Ms. Victoria, glad to see I'm not alone in our search for the young trouble maker."
He paused for a moment before speaking what was on his mind.
"Ms. Victoria, I was wondering, if I take you webslinging through the city after Barry, would you be able to keep us from being seen?"
If so, then they may be able to get to Barry faster than Peter thought.

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