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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Victoria blushed a little at Spider-Man's question. She hadn't been "Web-slinging" in years.
"Actually, I think I could. You see, I had my life saved a couple of times by the Spider-Man in my reality. My friend Peter said he must have a crush on me or something, because every time I seemed to be in trouble, Spider-Man would come swinging in to help out. Nice guy...great fashion sense." Victoria raised a fingertip to her chin, smiling in a far off way at the thought. Shaking herself out of her revelry, she smiled at him.
"Sure, I'm up for it. We gotta keep Speedy Gonzales from drawing too much attention. I should be able to keep all of us off radar, if not, Tessa can jump in and help out. Wouldn't want the shiny guy back there scaring the natives." She inclined her head towards where she had left the group behind her.
"So, a darkening New York Skyline... Careful Spider, Hank might get jealous." she snickered just slightly at the thought.

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