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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Paige blue eyes had fallen on each of Frank Castle’s men as she stood in the corner of the room, trying to size them up and stay out of their line of sight. After all she didn’t want to be the next person they chose to make their new target. Though it appeared maybe the group of gun toting men had finally realized that the members of The Watch meant them no harm and were in fact willing to help them out with their cause. During the whole exchange one of the men had kept Paige’s interest the most, it was the young man who couldn’t have been much older then her and she was intrigued and wondered how it was he’d come to be apart of this vampire hunting team. In her reality it had been almost uncommon for teenagers to join superhero teams, Gen-X having been the first team that had been fully made up of teenagers.

“Ah don’t need a stake.” Paige’s reply was short and to the point, this being the first thing the young blond had said since her encounter with Rogue earlier. It seemed as if that might be the only thing Paige would say for awhile, having fallen back into her silence, many of the team had probably come to figure out that this was how Paige dealt with her emotions. Having done close to the same thing back on the train in their last mission, though back during that mission she’d had Pete. He was gone now and a little piece of her wished he’d ended up with them. He’d been so much like a big brother and best friend to her that she really just longed to be able to sit down and have him tell her she was being silly. Then make some comment along the lines of ‘Booze and cigarettes could make her right as rain’ then Paige would be able to give him a belittling look and inform him that smoking will in fact be the death of him.

Just thinking about the man she’d lovingly called ‘Spy-boy’ for most of their time together brought tears to Paige’s bright blue eyes, which caused the blond southerner to tilt her head to one side created a current of long blond hair covering her face to hide the tears from view of the others. She wasn’t going to show weakness now, nor admit that Pete and made her feel more secure and safe in and ever changing environment. Curse him, here ah am thinkin’ ah’m strong and independent and now ah’m bawlin’ my eyes out for a man ah couldn’t stand half the time, and the other half of the time ah didn’t want to be away from. Curse him for bein’ so much like mah big brother. Paige balled up her fists and pressed them against her closed eyes, rubbing furiously at them as she tried to keep her silent sobs from becoming louder and more apparent to the rest of the team. She was a wreck and wasn’t willing to admit it, but without Pete Wisdom or Jono to be her shoulder to lean on it become increasingly harder for Paige to stay strong and focus at the task at hand.

With a deep sigh Paige gave up and let the tears come, pushing her hair out of her face she set a strong glare on her usually soft and almost child like features, determined to look as tough a she could while crying like a small child. It was times like this that her teammates were reminded that she was after all just barely an adult though try as she might to convince herself and others that she was tougher and much more mature beyond her years.

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