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Chapter Two: Black as Night
"Who needs stakes? I'm packin' enough heat that I've incinerated adamantum to ash in seconds." Victoria gave Castle the exact same look he had been giving her moments before.
"Of course, whether or not I can get it to listen to me at this point is a whole other story." A smirk curled the corners of her lips as the thought ran through her mind.
And the fact that Castle had mentioned that Hank was a vampire in this reality hadn't fallen on deaf ears. This was her second time in meeting the same person in a different reality, if they ran across him, it would be Hank's first. Part of her worried about it. Her anger seemed to melt away as concern flooded her. What if it came down to it, could Hank do it? Could she? Staring at a mirror image of yourself and willing it to die? For that matter, could any of them?
Victoria had been broadcasting the thought unknowingly. She looked up at Tessa for a moment then back to Hank.
"So right then, the Vampire populice of New York vs Us? Sounds like pretty unfair odds if you ask me. Let's hope someone doesn't warn them we're coming."

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