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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Tessa looked at Victoria, “Hank’s correct, we’ll do what we always do.” She told her teammate, her attention was quickly brought to the requests of both Beast and Norrin, what the vampires were capable of.
“Actually, could I get a detailed description of what they can and can’t do, including known reactions and possible reactions, or have you not been keeping track?” Her tone was cold and serious, and her gaze was methodical as she looked the Punisher’s over, “If you haven’t that would be a shame, means I’ll have an arduous job ahead of me in working out tactical planning.” One eyebrow quirked up briefly as she focused her eyes on Castle, she then continued her requests.
“Also, city maps and any schematics you can scrounge up would be helpful.” She gave an enigmatic smile, determined to keep this group on their toes as far as pinning her down. She wouldn’t feel comfortable with them knowing more about her than she did about them, no, her card’s wouldn’t be shown until she had working files of each Punisher.

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