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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Peter had remained unmoving throughout the entire discussion. Keeping silent allowed him to listen and learn without distraction, but it also gave him a chance to study the Punishers. His gaze had been moving from each one, looking them over carefully. He couldn't say that he really liked the company that the Watch now kept, and the uneasing looks they continued to give them only furthered that feeling. But as long as they were here to help, he would set such suspicions aside.
The spider's attention was brought back to Tessa as she spoke her request. He was also interested in seeing the city's blueprints. He had memorized his own city, knowing virtually every building, corridor, crack, and brick by heart, and he was eager to do the same with this city. Such knowledge had proven helpful to him in the past.
"I'd also like to take a look at any blueprints of the city you can spare. Also, the Vampire that we just encountered a short time ago mentioned something about 'The Master.' Any intel on him you'd like to share?"
If the city was as overtaken as it sounded, than their best bet may be to take out the leader, causing the other vampires to fall like dominos.

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