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Chapter Two: Black as Night
There was a definative eye roll that Victoria couldn't help herself from doing as she listened to everything.
"Look, where I'm from, these things aren't real. There in movies, on tv, in books. There's a whole bunch of fools who think they are vampires roaming the streets of New Orleans. So explain to me how the HELL we were supposed to know you have to recite some incantation none of us have ever heard of over these things? I may be a mind reader but COME ON!"
Throwing her hands in the air with a growl of disgust, Victoria muttered something about regenerative powers and turned towards the staircase.
"Regenerative powers my ass, these things just don't know when to stay dead!"

And there it was again...the anger, the irritation, the sheer irony of it all. The very thing that seemed to abate mere moments ago was flowing through her veins again with a vengenance.
"The next thing you're going to tell me..." she turned back towards the group..."Is that the "Master" in all this is my Father. Please do! Give me yet another reason to wonder what in the hell I've agreed to here."
With a swish of white hair, she was out the door walking down the hall.

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