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Chapter Two: Black as Night
Glancing in Rogue’s direction as she became visible once more, Blade gave the young girl the slightest of nods, and whispered to her, “Glad to see you decided to join the party. As for where we start, that’s up to the big man,” indicating the skull wearing Castle. “But my money is on Westchester. We’ve been making our way there for the past couple of nights. But things like this,” the large man said, pointing to the pile of ash that was moments ago Red Death, ”keep getting in our way.”

“Who said we didn’t try it?” Castle barked in response to Barry’s insinuation as he moved towards the exit. “We broadcast that damned spell over the entire state and it worked like a charm. We estimate that we knocked out three dozen vampires in one fell swoop that night. But the plan had problems. First of all, thirty-six vampires didn’t even scratch the surface. Two, they were replaced with fresh kills within hours. And third, vampires aren’t exactly stupid. It’s not like they are glued to the idiot box just waiting to be charbroiled. So yes, we’ve tried it. Now, can we get out of here? There’s an ass load of vampires out there just begging for me to exact some punishment.” Stopping his boss’ bravado laden rallying cry, Vance put his two sense into the discussion, “I don’t know if your telepathic idea would work or not, Chrome Dome. We haven’t had the opportunity to test anything like that. If the lady would like to try to wrap her mind around the spell, I’m sure a couple of us could stay behind to help her. But if it was me, I wouldn’t want to go traipsing around a vampire’s mind. Of coarse, it’s Victoria’s call.” Looking at Victoria with a cynical frown, Castle agreed. “Sure, if she wants to try to mind fry the monsters, that’s fine with me. But don’t come crying to me when you start bleeding from the eyes, lady.”

Across the room with a skeptical eye, Wong looked at Tessa and questioned if she was serious. He wondered to himself if she could really translate the Darkhold? Deciding to be bold, the small Asian man spoke up, “Actually, if you hold within you the slightest chance of translating the rest of the text, you would most certainly be allowed to view the pages.” With this, yet another interruption to his progress, Frank Castle, out of pure frustration, punched a good sized hole into the nearest plaster wall. Realizing that his companion was not going to suffer any more delays, Wong became silent once more, not wanting to raise the ire of the hot headed Punisher. He resigned himself to discussing the topic with Tessa at a later time when they could speak privately. Taking back the reigns of the group firmly in his domineering hand, Castle added sarcastically as he walked towards the front doors, “Besides, unless you are familiar with ancient Atlantean, I doubt you will get very far with that book.”

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