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Who's your favorite X-Man & X-Villian?
I hate starting threads like these! LOL.

But, since I don't really know about alot of you, I want to know who you're favorite X-er's are and Villians and WHY...

Favorite X-Man for me... Gambit. Yes, I know, most folks have a love/hate relationship with the cajun. Me, gots ta love mah Gambit. Sure, he's got a hoaky accent, he's a man-whore, but there's just somethin' about him that draws the ladies like drunks to Bourbon Street. It's the good guy bad boy theory I think.

Favorite Bad Boy X-Villian...He who walks with the funky cape and the red diamond bindi. What makes Nate so cool to me, is simply that he creeps me out. Seriously, the guy dug up his dead son and preformed experiements on him. Sure, Mags has done some henious crap in his day, but can he top THAT??? Sinister just exudes that "weird uncle" vibe from him that makes you check under the bed at night...and I kinda like that.

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