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Cameron's head bobbed a little as he dozed in his seat. Much as he liked to travel he usually preferred doing it under his own steam, be it on his bike or using his own abilities. Time's like these when he had nothing to do, his body just tended to shut down. "After all.." he had concluded to himself a long time ago. "..if ah've nae got anything tae dae, ah may as well enjoy daein nothing."

As the speaker crackled to life, Cam cracked open one eye, peering around at the screen. "Oh, ye didnae say we could get the Sci Fi channel on that thing Chandi." he said as he stretched in his chair, trying to stifle a yawn with one hand. His shoulder popped annoyingly as he stretched. "Bloody dragons." he muttered angrily under his breath. "Why the hell does it always have tae be dragons." With a slighly dejected sigh he settled himself back into his chair to wait for the jet to land, listening to the conversation around him.

"Ah think a few o' us have some tricks ye havenae seen De." he said as the talk turned to powers, grinning back at AJ as she blew her dust towards John. "But yer right, ah still dae things wi a bang."


Pulling the keys from the ignition, Cam stepped of his bike and stretched, taking in his surroundings. "Arse end o' naewhere!" he thought as he shrugged and began to head up the steps to the Gastown Bar. "You don't learn do you, eh?" The deep voice was followed by a crash, and Cam staggered backwards down the steps, trying to get out of the way of the large grizzled looking biker who suddenly flew in his direction. Turning sideways at the last moment Cam watched as the man sailed past him onto the rough dirt lot which bordered the roadside. He landed in an ungainly and no doubt exceptionally painful fashion. "Christ on a bike! Ah could be back in the East End." thought Cam, a low chuckle forming in his throat. From behind him the voice came again. "I'm not telling you again Freight-Train. You're eighty sixed! Drop dead. Don't bother to write, and never darken these doors again! Dumb moose head eh!" The biker was pulling himself shakily to his feet, spitting dirt and teeth from his bloodied mouth. "Thawed off little runt!" he spat back towards the darkened doorway through the newly created gap where his front teeth should be, but made no move to re-enter the bar. "What you thtaring at?!?!" This last was directed at Cam. "Nae much. Ah was just thinking ah could get tae like this place. Great Scenery and friendly natives. Jist like back hame." he said. Cam hitched his thumb over his shoulder indicating the run down building the biker had so swiftly exited. "Ye have a run in wi' the management?" The biker looked at him, rubbing his chin. "Thomething like that. Damn bounther hath a big opinion of himthelf. Thomeone'th gonna cut him down to thize one of thethe dayth." After eyeing Cam for another couple of seconds the biker turned and trudged off round the corner still muttering angrily and spitting.

Turning back towards the bar, Cam started up the steps once more. To say the place had seen better days was probably putting it mildly. Faded paint struggled to cling onto the wooden walls and it looked as though a light shower would put paid to the rusted tin roof. "Nae exactly the Ritz is it." he mumbled to himself and entered the darkened doorway. It took his eyes a few seconds to adjust after the late afternoon sunshine, but he gradually found himself able to make out his surroundings. Inside the bar seemed to be in a slightly better state of repair than the exterior would have indicated, but even a cursory glance told Cam that it was a pretty typical roadside bar, full of heavy drinkers and other guardians of modern chemistry. As Cam made his way to the bar, he could feel the eyes of some of the patrons burning a hole in the back of his jacket. "Nae surprise there." he thought to himself. "Ah'm nae yer typical biker." "Scotch. Straight Up. Leave the bottle." The bar tender looked him up and down, before glancing over towards the corner of the bar. Following his gaze, Cam could just make out a couple of people sitting at the table, although in the shadow it was hard to make out any details at all. One of them glanced over, nodded almost imperceptibly and then returned to whatever discussion the pair were having. "Here ya go buddy!" Cam turned back to find a bottle of J&B and a glass of whisky waiting for him. "Cheers. Mate." said Cam picking up the glass and draining it, in his haste a little dribbled from the side of his mouth onto his unshaven chin. After his long road trip even the rough taste of the cheap whisky was almost like nectar. Wiping his mouth on the back of his gloved hand, Cam picked up the bottle and turned away from the bar, looking for an empty table.

Spotting a seat near the pool table, Cam headed towards it. As he walked towards it, a half smile formed on his face as he spotted the miniskirted blonde leaning over the table and the expression of lust on the faces of the men sitting behind her. "Nice shot!" he said to her as he passed by, causing her to pause and look up at him confused. "But I haven't taken my sho.." Cam nodded his head behind her. The look of confusion on her face quickly disappeared as she followed Cam's nod, to be replaced equally quickly by a look of indignent embaressment. "You bloody perverts!" she yelled as she pulled her skirt down at the back. Chuckling quietly to himself he sat down with his back to the wall and poured himself another whisky. His attention was drawn from the irate blonde towards the television where the news was showing some footage of a ruined city centre buried under a mountain of black obsidian. The caption on screen read "Belfast: Mutants Destroy City". Cam shook his head. It had been almost a year and still they were going on about it and as usual they ignored the fact that it would probably have been a whole lot worse if they hadn't intervened. "Naebody even thanked us fer savin' the world." he muttered to himself as he sipped his whisky. The television report soon turned to local news and sport and Cam's attention began to drift again only to be captured by a disturbance near the door.

"Where are ya, ya little thoon-to-be-dead half-pint? Me an' muh boyth gonna trim ya down ta kindlin!" It was the biker who had almost knocked Cam over on his way in, and he wasn't alone. Four large, equally disgruntled looking men shadowed him, each bearing a weapon of sorts ranging from a large shovel to a chain saw. "Best get out o' the way darlin'" said Cam softly to the blonde at the pool table as he braced himself, waiting to see what would happen. "So you brought my fan club with you? You never were a fast learner Freight-Train" There was that deep voice again, this time however Cam managed to trace it to one of the occupants of the corner table. There was a blur of motion from the corner and Freight-Train, along with the two men immediately behind him disappeared back through the door and out into the sunlight. Cam blinked, wondering what had just happened. The two remaining thugs looked at each other equally at a loss, and then peered at the door. "Maybe ye lads should leave as well." said Cam stepping up behind them. The men turned, almost bursting into laughter as they saw Cam. Both men were at least a foot taller and almost twice as broad as Cam. "Are you gonna make us?" snorted the one on the right, taking a step towards Cam. "Actually, Aye ah am." said Cam. Almost faster than the eye could follow Cam punched outwards, his hands catching each man squarely in the centre of the chest just below the solar plexus. As he made contact, a blue white flash lit the confines of the bar eliciting a few screams from some of the patrons, although the screams were muffled by the loud crackling bang which left everyones ears ringing uncontrollably. Almost in slow motion Cam watched as the two men flew threw the air. One was headed straight towards the door the other unfortunately was going to have to take the window. "Guess ah'll have tae pay for that." thought Cam as he watched the glass shatter and spray outwards depositing the shocked biker onto the motorbikes parked outside. Cam headed for the door, intent on helping making sure the other man wasn't outnumbered. Reaching the door he couldn't help but chuckle at the sight which greeted him.

Sitting atop three now unconscious bikers was what could only be described as a dwarf, although unbelievably muscled. In his teeth was clenched an unlit cigar. "You responsible for breaking that window?" the deep voice seemed even more incongrous as it exited past the cigar. "Aye ah guess so." replied Cam, scratching his head "Ah'll cover the damages. Ah was just tryin' tae help." Cam took a couple of steps forward and held out his hand. "Name's Cam." The dwarf looked at him for a few minutes then took his outstretched hand. "Don't worry about it Cam. Most everyone around here call's me Judd. By the way, Got a light eh?"


Cam chuckled to himself. "So dae any o' ye have a clue what we are gonnae dae aboot big green and scaly doon there?"

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