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The Castaways of Twilight Cove
The Mighty Thor's Character

Name: Xlorvok
Alias: John Starling, Greenskull, Shift, Stonewall
Occupation: Pirate, Mercenary
Age: 63
Height: 5' 4”
Hair: Black

Appearance: Xlorvok is a Skrull. He possesses all of the natural traits that you may find in a Skrull. He has green skin, enlarged pointed ears and a multi-cleft chin. In his natural form, Xlorvok is slightly shorter than the average Skrull. Due to his race’s natural abilities, Xlorvok can alter his appearance to resemble anyone or anything of similar mass. His favorite ‘mask’ to wear, is that of a human being named John Starling. He uses this façade to travel amongst humans without having to suffer the persecution and ridicule that comes with being a Skrull traveling on Earth. John Starling is 6’ tall, with a slender build, angular features and shoulder length dark hair.

Abilities: Like all Skrulls, Xlorvok can manipulate his appearance to resemble anyone or anything of similar body mass. He can shift his mass to accommodate anything from a small child, to a large animal such as a bear or a cow. Due to his prolonged exposure to artificial gravity, his musculature is deceptively advanced. Xlorvok does not possess super humanoid levels of strength, but is at near peak strength levels for a member of his race.

History: Xlorvok spent most his early life running with his friends, getting into trouble. By the time he was 26, he had graduated from petty larceny, to interstellar crime. Breaking free form the constraints of their homeworld, Xlorvok and his friends were free to use their natural abilities to perpetrate many crimes on their people’s most bitter rivals, the Kree and Shi’ar Empires. Although, when they became over eager, and attempted to break into the Majestrix’s inner chamber, they were caught and sentenced to life in the slave pits.

Some years later, on what for them was a routine run, the space fairing pirates the Starjammers, descended onto the Shi’ar prison world, with the intention of freeing the unjustly held prisoners. Finding Xlorvok to be a kindred spirit of sorts, Captain Corsair offered him a permanent place aboard the vessel. He gladly accepted, and took on the pirate moniker of Greenskull. Together, they continued to reign havoc throughout the Shi’ar Empire, righting the wrongs that the feathered race had been perpetrating for years.

Upon a visit to the planet Earth, Xlorvok became enamored with human culture. He chose to remain there as his crewmates departed. It was during this visit to Earth that he was forced to adopt the persona of John Starling. For many years, Xlorvok traveled on Earth as John Starling, learning as much as he could about the human race. He began his super human career on Earth with Luke Cage, as one of his Heroes for Hire. Xlorvok used his shape shifting powers as one of Cage’s freelance heroes, operating under the name Shift. Finding the man’s demeanor to be entirely too rigid for his more freewheeling ways, Xlorvok wasted no time in leaving the man’s employ. Hoping to surround himself with a group that he would be more comfortable with, Xlorvok briefly posed as a World War II veteran known as Stonewall, and was recruited into Freedom Force. He used this position to become better aware of the super human populace of the planet. Although, it did not take him long to tire of working for Mystique, and he let himself be seemingly killed by Donald Pierce in a battle with the Reavers.

But, as anyone would tell you, old habits do die hard. It was not long before he found himself traveling with less than ideal associates again. He became employed at the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. Although, this was simply a front for one of the Taskmaster’s mercenary organizations. Xlorvok enjoyed the freedom that piracy afforded him, so it was easy for him to slip back into that lifestyle. But, his actions while under the Taskmaster were far less noble than they were while he was a Starjammer, and he soon found himself a fugitive of the law. He was eventually captured, and sentenced to 30 years in the Vault. But he would never have to serve that sentence. His old associate from Freedom Force, Dr. Valerie Cooper, would see to that.

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