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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
AJ pulled away from Cameron and Chandi just a bit and watched as Spooky walked down the path.
"Ah'll be's only a few scratches and a busted up wing. Ah've had worse from bike crashes." her voice was still rather scratchy and she wouldn't admit it for the life of her, but she felt weak and dizzy.
Reaching down to pet Vicki, she looked up at Cameron apologetically.
"Ah'm sorry..." remembering that Spooky had said that Vicki had once again, taken out her anger on Cameron's bed. Vicki was of course, happy to see AJ and Chandi and made it well known.
As she started following John and Mulder into the house a thought crossed her mind and she felt compelled to voice it aloud.
"So, that show was real huh? Kinda like COPS but only on the paranormal side of thing? Wicked." she continued along, giving a sidelong glance to the wing that had been Godzilla's playtoy. Both of her wings rested flat against her back, but that one seemed to want to do nothing but throb. Even the slight shimmer of pale pink irridescence didn't seem to be as shiny as it had before.
As John spoke about Scully, she rolled her eyes and chuckled just a bit.
"Even a near death experience, and he's still as randy as a goat."

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