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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
Thankful to be back on the island Chandi listened as Fox ‘Spooky’ Mulder introduced himself to the team and then made his way back into the building after telling them all to enjoy themselves for awhile. “Always knew that show wasn’t clayton’s.” She stated as AJ pulled away from herself and Cameron, she knew AJ probably felt worse then she was letting on but Chandi wasn’t up for pushing the subject so she’d let her friend go about telling them all she was okay for the time being. “Well he was grinning like a fox.” She commented on John’s behavior as they all heard the question John and posed to Mulder as they entered the building.

Letting out a deep sigh Chandi stopped in her walk towards the building, giving herself a moment to let the breeze blow through her long hair and the ocean waves ring in her ears. Calming her with the peacefulness of their little island paradise. As she stood in one spot Chandi rain a hand through her hair and letting the noise from the ocean cleanse her mind and repair her frayed nerves. Anyone who knew the Aussie knew that she only truly felt peace when she watched and listened the ocean, letting it remind her that their were far greater things out there then just herself and her issues. The ocean had always had this effect on her, but it had intensified after she’d hide out in Tibet right after leaving the UK superhero team Valiant. “It’s good to be home.” She sighed happily her green/gold eyes scanning the ocean one last time before she began again on her trek to the building fully prepared to let herself fully celebrate and enjoy herself after the horror that was their Japan Assignment.

“Anyone else up for getting drunk?” Chandi questioned as she caught up to her teammates, completely ready to let lose and enjoy herself.

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