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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
AJ stood in the living room and listened to them all for a few moments before speaking. Pushing a matted strand of pink hair out of her eyes, she tried her best to put on her sweetest southern belle smile.
"Ah think Ah'm in desperate need of a shower, so Ah'm headin' that way." she watched Kei go from the kitchen to her room and called out behind her.
"HEY! Since John and Cam are so closed mouth about the Avengers Boys Club, see what you can find out!"
With her back straight out of achiness and pain, she called Vicki to her side and headed for her room.
A door closed, water started running, and everyone heard a very loud "Sonofabi..." echo from her shower as she removed the bandage Cameron and Kei had put on her wing.
Some time later, she reemerged from her room, hair dried and pulled up high in a pony tail, wearing something Chandi would actually be proud of her for. A simple purple backless halter and a pair of jeans. But at least she matched!
Reaching down to pet Vicki on the head, she frowned for a moment when she realized she wasn't standing next to her as usual. She was laying infront of Chandi's door.
"So, you've up and jumped ship on me have ya?" smirking at the dog and laughing at herself. "ok ok fine, but see if she likes the way you hog the bed all night long!"
Back in the living room, feeling marginally better, but still pretty wiped out, she looked to where John was standing and smiled.
"We need to talk."

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