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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
She reallly couldn't help but smile at him.
"Old dogs' right...come on." Angelee motioned towards the front door but not before excusing herself and her pirate pal.
"Excuse us folks, we've got somethin' ta talk about." grabbing John by the arm, she drug him out the front door, shooting a smile at Mulder as she did.
Walking a little ways away from the main house, down one of the many paths that twined around the complex, AJ took her time before she said anything to him.
Taking a moment to enjoy the setting sun, she finally turned to him and looked him square in the eye.
"John Starling...Ah want ta know what secrets ya think you're gonna hide from me? That kiss...on the plane..." she paused, raising herself up to a mere inch from his own lips.
"..wasn't the kiss of a human and Ah damn well know it. So, you gonna tell me what ya really are, or am Ah going to have ta use mah glamour dust on ya again?" she didn't move, she allowed herself to stare up at him defiantly, a delicate eyebrow arched in the most questioning of ways as she awaited his answer.

Ok'd by TMT to drag 'Vok around

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