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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
As De paced back and forth within the confines on his quarters a flash of Purple caught the corner of his eye. His reflection in the mirror of his washroom. He couldn't help but freeze in his tracks as he stood there looking at his face, the same line of thought continuing to run rampant through his head. Where had this obession with dying his hair come from anyway? The purple was a joke played on him by Shy, that much he knew, but the red.... Where had the red come from?

Again...from his youth. A stupid wager lost to a good mate of his in which the loser had to dye his hair red for a month. That's when it had started and for whatever reason he took to it. He'd had less worries back then. But he also knew less of the world. And yet, here he was being asked to help safeguard the world while at the same time surrounded by friends and a boss who seemed to have less worries now than he had then. No. That was unfair. After all, he didn't know what ran through their heads and lives. But still, one had to admit that the island setting didn't seem to promote seriousness in action in any little bit.

Was that the problem? Did he take things to seriously even while acting like he didn't? Was there ever a time now when he just walked down the street at night without picking out the vampires and demons and warlocks from the crowd?

"You look like a clown......" he said as he walked into the washroom, resting the palms of his hands upon the porcelian sink as he gazed at his reflection.

Maybe that was his problem. Maybe he was stuck in the past. He'd lived his teenage years as if he were a child. His Peacekeeper years as if he were a teenager. And his years since then as if he were still keeping the peace. Perhaps it was time to grow up a little. Or maybe he just needed to go get hammered. Who was to say? There was, of course, one way to find out he mused.

He pulled the washroom door shut behind him as he exited back into his main quarters, his eyes searching the floor for something decent to wear. It was some minutes later when he emerged from his room, wearing simply a pair of black slacks with a dark purple dress shirt with matching socks beneath his black shoes. If he was going to get good and sloshed then it would be best to wear dark colors as piss and blood didn't show on them quite as readily. As he entered the commons room he tried his best to make sense of his hair, pushing stray locks from his face as he tried to eavesdrop enough of the conversation to know what was going on.

"Say. Don't suppose any o' you got a rubber band or two you could lend? Need to do something with my hair before I heads to the mainlan'."

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