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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
If ‘Vok had been the sensitive type, AJ’s troll comment might have been enough to send him right back into the base. But fortunately being compared to a troll, and numerous other slight insults of the like had ceased to faze him years ago. Plus, the peck on the cheek somehow managed to smooth over any initial hurt feelings. The girl just had that effect on him. Maybe that was why he didn’t even almost resist when she pulled him further along the path: that and the fact that what she had to say intrigued him. As she made the comparison of them both being aliens among the humans, he smiled, “I never really thought about it that way before, but I guess you’re right. We’re both one of a kind around here. Hell, I’m one of a kind almost anywhere.” The pirate slang had fallen by the wayside quickly as he subconsciously realized that he no longer needed the defense mechanism. He felt almost instantly comfortable with AJ in his natural form. ”I guess they’re right. The truth is liberating.”

But then she asked him the real question: the one to which he hadn’t yet figured out the answer. “I don’t know if I’m ready to share with the class just yet. I had been thinking about coming clean with you guys for a while now, but I’m just not sure. I didn’t have much choice when it came to telling you, but I don’t know how everybody else will take it. Little green men have a tendency to make people jittery.” As he spoke, he noticed the grimace of pain that briefly crossed AJ’s face, and hoped she was all right. But she brushed it aside fairly quickly, so he decided not to press the issue. Instead he found himself being thanked for something that he hadn’t even given a second thought since returning from Japan. In fact ‘Vok hadn’t even thought it was that big a deal. His friend was about to be eaten by a giant radioactive lizard and he had the ability to save her. He hadn’t thought twice about jumping in after her. Looking down at the stone path beneath his feet, ‘Vok kicked a stray stone out into the grass as he did his best impression of an embarrassed school boy, “Aww shucks, it wasn’t nothing any metamorphic alien pirate with a king sized crush wouldn’t have done,” ‘Vok mumbled as he looked up sheepishly at the slightly taller fairy.

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