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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
"Alright then, you're secret is safe with me. So, just shift back into that devestatingly gorgous human form and we'll head back to the house with the others. Ah have a feeling Cam's probably peering out the window trying to see if you've ran off with me yet." she snickered just a bit as they turned to head back towards the main house.
"It's a long story. So, you heading to the mainland with the rest of em? Ah might, don't know yet. Kinda hard ta hide mah wings right now." she glanced back over her shoulder at them and frowned slightly. "Damn lizards...anyway..."she shook her head, and glanced over at him again.
"Just so you know, Ah've got this thing for humans...all faeries do. It's weird...they can be the most boring monotonous creatures sometimes, but mah gods are they fun...and incredibly appealing...and..." the train of thought dropped off somewhere as AJ's mind began to go over things, she grinned.
"However, as much fun as humans are....Ah find "others" moreso appealing...and sexy...and oohh mah..." again, her thoughts were in places maybe they shouldn't have been which was evident by the pink tinge on her cheeks.
"Sorry...Ah have an overactive imagination."

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