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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
AJ blew Chandi a kiss and headed to her room for a moment to grab something. Maybe John was right. Even if she couldn't shrink her wings down and make them unseen to normal eyes, she might still be able to go and have a good time.
She watched as Vicki stood the silent sentry by Chandi's side, occasionally moving her head up to bump Chandi's hand and try to get a petting out of her.

Inside her room, AJ stopped in her tracks as she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Gashes on her arms that had been bandaged up were still oozing blood as they had bright red marking on their pristine white cloth. Turning, she looked at her wings in the mirror and sighed deeply. It was going to take a long time, or a trip to Avalon to repair the damage done here...and she wasn't up for the latter, not yet.
She had made Rhys a promise that she would get all her "party days" out of her system before she came back, and she was far from getting those over with.
Coming back into the living room as everyone began to scatter, she motioned for Vicki to follow her and called over her shoulder.
"Ah think Ah'll be sittin' this one out. Ya'll go and have fun...Ah'm tired...Japan took alot out of me. Drink a few for me."
And truth be told, she looked exhausted. Opening the door she walked out into what was now the darkened night sky and decided to take a long walk down the beach with her dog. Maybe she just needed some time to think everything over.

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