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Vagabond Knights: Spanish Lands.
Matthias slowly awoke from his slumber but when pushing open the door of his carriage a bit, he noted the presence of the sun. He really didn't like the sun, not even when he was a human, although there was that one day... He rested his head back, trying to catch his sleep again, but found out he couldn't. Cover would be needed though if he wished to join the festivities outside he grudgingly surmised as he grabbed his cloak, but instead of going outside he sat up against the back of the carriage. After sitting against the back of his carriage for a while he slowly made his way over to the entrance of his quarters. His hand reached out to the sun, and he felt it burn and start to smoke, but quickly retracted it. It would need a bandage later, he thought to himself as he moved to the back again. "Can't even end this sorry piece of excistence."

He felt especially depressed today, and he missed his zest for life. This Spanish sun was getting to him, especially when he could see the troupe outside frolicking. When he saw Tatyana shining, complimenting the beauty of the day even more. He was actually starting to like the daytime, with the way it glanced upon her, upon them. If it weren't for this blasted soul he would've killed them all ages ago and simply enjoy the night time again. A vampire of all people, starting to like the day!? "Just a few more hours, and they'll know what it's like again, to accept a vampire in the group." he thought as he cackled mildly as he did his hand through his hair. "They'll know, they'll all know." he said as the laughter continued.

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