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Vagabond Knights: Spanish Lands.
Her amber gaze trailed over the patrons of the festival, each one holding their own air of mystery and wealth of emotions and each one flooding Mila’s own consciousness with their own miseries, worries, love. Gatherings like this she’d always avoided for they put a great amount of stress on her mind and her own emotions, though through the years Mila has learned how to keep herself locked off it was often hard to do so in such a large group with so many emotions trailing through the air. Her gaze fell on a happy couple, newlyweds if appeared. The young bride smiling and giggling as her groom played the role of dotting husband quite well, mere feet away from the couple sat two small children who appeared to playing a game with stones and both were blissfully unaware of the pains that adulthood would soon bring them. Mila missed that innocence’s so much, being unaware of anything but the moment and the joy that a child could get out of the little things.

Becoming lost in her thoughts as she watched person after person, being swept away with each happy face and joyous emotion, she had not forgotten about her earlier task of finding her own companions. No she’d merely taking a side road on her way to finding them, enjoying how her mind and body felt so free as she observed those around her. Though soon her gaze fell on a familiar face and she picked up her pace to reach the petite figure quickly. “Yalene, are you enjoying being close to the sea again?” Mila questioned the younger girl, a small smile gracing her ageless features.

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