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Vagabond Knights: Spanish Lands.
“I would have expected the same from myself, but it seems the crowds draw has not caught my yet.” Mila replied to Yalene’s earlier comment, the festival reminding her of many banquets and gatherings her father had held during his reign. “It is a beautiful day indeed.” She smiled softly as Tatyana joined their group, knowing it was hard for the Gypsy woman to feel comfortable while so many looked down upon her kind.

Mila surveyed the crowds again before her gaze feel on the taverns door, watching as person after person stumbled out much more intoxicated then when they went in. “I am fine with drinking the wine, I have always favored it over ale.” Mila smiled graciously at Liath, finding she had become quit attached to her companions during their travels. Even Matthias did not offended her much as he had in their earlier travels, though she did still move around him with an air of distrust.

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