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Vagabond Knights: Spanish Lands.
Liath laughed melodiously. "Aye. Ye shall nae have tae dip intae yer purse this eve M'Lady." he said chuckling as he turned. With his brisk long stride he crossed the short distance to the tavern in seconds.

Arriving at the doorway, he paused to let yet more revellers excuse themselves and then hunching his shoulders, he ducked low through the doorway and into the smoke filled darkness beyond. There was a moment's silence followed a loud creaking of wood accompanied by varied oohs and aahs and the odd spanish curse.

Several minutes passed before Liath's hulking frame filled the doorway once more, this time however his hands were filled with several large tankards brimming with the fruitty local brew. He nodded to the ladies, indicating that they join him. "The innkeeper has agreed tae supply us with ales for the evening. All ah had tae dae was lift a couple o' his ale barrels and offer tae help rid him o' the empties later." Liath grinned. "Ah think some o' the locals may even be up fer a spot o' rasslin later." he said with a wink. "Now follow me. The innkeeper said there should be an empty table around the side. We can catch the late afternoon sun."

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