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Hey there buddy! That's kinda a spoiler after that there spoiler. I didn't know the next arc featured Khulan Goth. :evil:

Luckily I have absolutely no clue who that is I guess no harm no foul. Tongue

Anywho.....Exiles has never been a bad read in my opinion. Have there been a few arcs which I found weak? Nope. A touch corny maybe, but far from weak. I only wish I had not run out of money when a certain storyarc before "King Hyperion" hit. I would have truely loved to have read that one.

And while the trade of Nocturne, a favorite of mine, for Beak may seem a little unbalanced and unjust to some, I think any character if given the proper guiding hand can be quite enjoyable. Except maybe Eye-Scream. I mean....he turned himself into Rocky Road for cryin' out loud! Ahem. But back to the matter at had, story acrs like "So Lame" and "With an Iron Fist" (a MUST read) manage to show just how vastly different the Marvel universe can be, and also inform you of things about the current Marvel U that you didn't know. Or at least, things I didn't know.

If I have any complaints, they are few in number. As a matter of fact, I can only think of two. First....well this one isn't really a complaint so much as it is a matter of personal preference. Anyway, the team's roster. It's constantly rotating, which I love, but at the same time I feel like it sometimes takes forever to get a new face on the team. But like I said, I can't really complain because if they changed it every 3 months I'm sure I'd be livid. But this brings me to point number two.

Bring back the second team!!! And a third and fourth as well! You don't have to do any more crossovers or give them their own storyarcs (though that couldn't hurt Smile), but every once in a while when you do a stand alone ish, let it be about another team. Please?

Exiles is the perfect book in which to give a lot of under used characters new life. Even is only for one bright second. People have been clamoring for Moonknight for show the knight out there saving the world with War Machine, Skin, Loki, Tigra, and Domino. Even if it is a one-shot, people would love to see some of these characters again. The Whizzer!! You could bring back the Whizzer, Two Gun Kid, and Bucky Barnes! How can you pass up an opportunity like that?

It's Bucky friggin' Barnes!!

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