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Assignment Great Britian
AJ glanced at Chandi for a brief moment at her remark about letting Britain's team handle this. Reaching down in her boots for her daggers, she spun them around in her hand and then replaced them from whence they came.
"Probably beneath them. Ya know?" with not much more than a smirk on her face, she started down the path to the castle.
"Besides, it's not like they can handle everything. From what Ah seen of them, they couldn't handle anything at all. 'Specially a little girl on girl action." with a look over her shoulder, she winked and continued on, whistling to herself as she walked. Listening to De and Chandi's banter, she couldn't help but smile a little. Sure, her love life was in the crapper, but at least someone on this team was having a little fun.
"Ah think Ah'm gonna swear off men for a while. Stick to cats, aliens, and faeries..."

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