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Assignment Great Britian
"C'mon're being unreasonable. It's a well known fact that psychopaths can't resist sexy shelias in showers. I'd gladly do it myself but I'm only medium sexy....and not at all a shelia." He said in a somewhat pleading manner. "Besides, it's either that or we all head on down to the deep darks of this place. And which would you really prefer?"

Truth be told, it was De himself that didn't want to venture below. It's wasn't a fear of the castle itself mind you, or even a fear of dungeons. De simply didn't like being underground. Above ground, at any height, he could always come up with an exit. Run through a wall, fall through a floor...something. But beneath the earth, under the was like drowing. Only one way to go. One option. One hope. He didn't like the restraint.

"And I'd promise not to watch, of course....but how else would I be able to help?"

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