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Last Time on "Batman" (SPOILERS)
From the Batman: One Year Later stuff that I have read, its seems that Batman, Nightwing and Robin took off for a year on a trip of self realization and discovery, leaving Gotham under the watchfull eye of...Harvey Dent! Umm, what?! Okay, so Two-Face's scars had been healed, and he was given a clean bill of health by all of his doctors, but come on! I have trouble with the idea based on principal alone. I'm all for second chances, but Harvey Dent?! So anyway, then some crime lord wanna-be in Arkham by the name of The Great White Shark frames Dent for a bunch of villains deaths, and thinking the world, along with Batman, is out to get him, Dent buckles under the pressure, and pours acid down half of his face reverting to his dark twisted moniker of Two-Face.

Same as it ever was.....

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