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Assignment - R&R
"Ah have absolutely no idea." she muttered as the turned to watch the pair leave the room.

This was weird. Even for her it was weird. Granted, no matter how many times she encountered magick, it never caught her off guard as what had just happened.
Was it even magick? she wasn't sure. The whisperings in her ear, the apology. She wasn't sure what to make of any of it.
Grabbing the vodka bottle, she dumped some into the juice, then some more. Picking up the glass with a bit of a shaking hand, she drank it down as fast as she could.
Eyeing what was left in the bottle, she picked it up and killed it too.

"Ah have no idea..." she said again, taking a moment to look at each of them. Maybe the look of confusion on her face was just mirroring what she was seeing from everyone else.

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