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Assignment - R&R
Kei turned her attention to Daniel, “No, I was just hopin’ to catch my friends.” She replied, noticing that he was the only staff still roaming the room sans clothing, “Guess I missed them.” She shrugged her shoulders, snatching up a stray grape from what she guessed had been Chandi’s plate.

She headed back for the doors when a thought struck her and she turned back around, the cute kitchen help looked a little bit like a surfer to her; maybe he knew a decent beach.
“I have a question for ya, where’s the best place to surf?” Kei asked Daniel, as she tried to covertly check him out a little bit more. She figured she might as well take advantage of the situation while she still could, “Unless ya don’t surf, and then I’ll just ask the front desk.” Kei commented popping the grape she’d been holding into her mouth.

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