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Assignment - R&R
As ‘Vok commented on Chandi’s good taste in all things fashionable, the phone in the adjoining room began to ring loudly, alerting the Skrull and his friend that the outside world did indeed still exist. With nothing but a bath sheet wrapped around his green frame, Xlorvok bounded off the bed and made for the receiver. “Ahoy? . . .Aye . . . Aye. All right mate, we’ll be right down.” ‘Vok tipped the handset back onto its base and grabbed for his uniform which was now hanging off the back of a nearby chair. “It seems that your hunch was spot on me love. That was the front desk. The gent said that our friend was waiting for us downstairs, and by the rushed and dare me say uncomfortable tone to his voice, I would say that he was referring to De.”

The duo completed the finishing touches on their excursion preparations and made for the lobby. The metamorphic properties of ‘Vok’s uniform had been put to good use, transforming his skin tight magenta gear into a casual deep blue suit that complemented AJ’s look quite nicely. He considered sticking with his natural green skin and cragged jaw line, but figured after the laundry mishap, he didn’t need to jar the hotel guests any more than they already had been. The lift doors slid apart quietly when the car reached the ground floor and with a playful swat on the bottom ‘Vok scooted AJ from the elevator. It only took a moment for them to spot their large friend waiting across the room. They made their way over to him and began to tell him of the morning’s brouhaha. “Not that me minded the free show, but it was hinky all the same. What do ye think big man?”

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