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Assignment - R&R
"Imps hmm?" she paused for only a moment before snickering a little to herself. "Ah' knew ah' felt somethin' funny an' it wasn't Johnny boy..." one delicate eyebrow arched as she smile at her Skrull playmate, as if challenging him to say a word.
Clearing her throat, she turned her attention to the matter at hand... fun.
"De' mah friend, ah'm up for anythang you've got planned. So let's get this show on tha road! Ah' ain't lookin' forward to seein' Spooky when we get back. Ah can just imagine how pissed off he's gonna be. So we might as well just enjoy ourselves and sink into as much hedonism as we can."
Giving Daniel a sweet southern smile, she asked him to ring up Chandi's room and have her get in gear and meet them in the lobby.
"So, what's tha grand plans?" she really needed this right now. After all the crap that had been throwing at her recently, to be able to just kick back and enjoy friends, booze, fun and 'Vok... life was starting to smile on her.

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