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Is Hawkeye really back?
And in other news, Hawkeye is indeed back!! Word on whether or not Clint Barton is alive remains a mystery. Wink

Sorry to all the Clint fans out there, but as of the last issue of Young Avengers, Captain America has decided that Kate Bishop (previously called Hawkingbird by fans) should be known as Hawkeye. Not only for her skill with a bow and arrow, but also because the only other person who's ever stood up to him the way she has was(is?) the "late" Clint Barton

Of course, with Matt Murdock in jail while Daredevil's still out and about, people are speculating on just who's under the mask. Three of the top choices, Taskmaster, Iron Fist, and Bullseye, are all accounted for. Danny's been showing up in Daughters of the Dragon and slated to appear in the new Heroes for Hire title. Taskmaster seems to be well on his way of becoming Moon Knight's new nemesis. And Bullseye? Well Bullseye is in the klink with Murdock. So with those three out of the way, and with Moon Knight in his own ongoing while Shang Chi (another fan guess) slated to be in Heroes for Hire with Danny Rand.....who could be the man behind the mask?

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