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AngelRogue's Art Thread
Enchantress, I'm glad I can help quench your artistic cravings. I plan to start a gallery eventually, but for now, I think the art section of this forum could use some of my updates. I have plenty of DC stuff to post, but do you think Star Wars stuff would be welcome here as well?

The Mighty Thor, Thanks for the feedback; I look forward to seeing your stuff. ^_^

All of these pieces were made the same way...and that's the same way I do all my art pieces nowadays. I draw them in pencil, and use a microsoft photo program to darken/contrast the lines. It's easier than inking them. I then use Correll Painter 7 to fill in the basic colors I want on the character. I then open the picture in Adobe Photoshop, pile on the layers, lighten, darken, and erase till the shades of color that I want shine through. I warp up a little back ground using the filters, add text, shrink the image, and I'm done.

-- One of my favorite DC characters ever. This is his cute and carefree self before Geof Johns snatched him up for character development in Teen Titans.

-- A slightly more worried expression. Even before TT, Bart could be serious at times: dealing w/Max Mercury's issues, losing Carol to the future, the war he embarked upon w/Young JUstice, the death of his scout, etc. I loved his comic along with Young Justice and it was a shot through the heart when they were both cancelled.

-- One of my favorite pairings in the DC Universe. Hence, my anger at those !%@#$^ writers for killing off Superboy. The real shame is that I'm almost entirely dependent on cannon for more of these two, because they barely reap any fanfiction.

--I still haven't decided how I feel about "Kon-El" becoming "Conner" to his friends. I went through about 60 issues of Young Justice thinking of him as "Kon" and it surprises me that all his friends and his girlfriend are so immediately accustomed to adding the "-er" @ the end. You think they'd slip up a little.

--Kon & Cassie, Conner & Cassandra, Supes & Wondy...however you look at it, it still works somehow. I really love these two. I've watched the entire evolution of their relationship from YJ #4 to the latest in Teen Titans. Now if only I could get my hands on that one annual in which they rule the cover...

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