Poll: What do you think of the all encompassing crossovers that seem to occur on a monthly basis?
If i see another infinite crisis on infinite earths with infantile plotting I think i may explode
Another fine product from the House of Bad Ideas
Quesaddo/Bendy/Didiot [Delete As Applicable] are Gods!!
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August 2006: In Crisis for Infinity? Been Disassembled?
I tend to pick and choose my crossoevers based on focus, rather than potential after effects. I was more interested in the shape of the Marvel U after House of M, but skipped it because the focus of the story itself didn't appeal to me. Conversely, I didn't really care what shape the DCU was going to be in after IC, but picked it up (along with a tie in or two) because the story itself sounded fun.

With Civil War I'm finding both to be applicable. The very concept of CW is leaving me waiting with bated breath and I must admit that I'm quite curious as to the shape of things in the wake of of this event. I've already been spoiled as to a few of the repercussions and the general outline of a few things, but I still can't wait to see how the Marvel U is going to look in the wake of the resolution of this conflict....especially since it should just be geting back on its feet when the Hulk returns.

I see it as we the fans getting Civil War from House of M, and Villians United/Secret Six from Infinite Crisis. And that's A-Ok with me. So I'll abstain from the vote right now. Yeah, Quesada and Didio can both muck up some perfectly good ideas, but when they get one right...they really get it right.

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