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Who's in the New Justice League of America?
I like the idea of Guy gardner as 'replacement GL' though. How he was portrayed in JLA Classified (can't believe it's not justice league) was excellent - he was funny but proved he could take names and kick bottom when required. If they could bring some of that to the mix it would ensure some light relief in the stories too..

Glenn - I remember that Christmas key story, was pretty good as i recall, and yes Tornado would make a passable stand in for a flash. Has it been confirmed which WW it will be - Donna or Diana?

I also wonder if the female below the hawk figure on the teaser cover is Faith - kinda looks like her outline.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Arrow(Connor), Green Lantern (Hal? Guy? Kyle??? (although he doesn't need a ring anymore) too much hair to be John surely), Red Tornado, Hawkgirl, Cyborg/Captain Atom. The one with the long pigtail has me stumped.

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