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Captain America #25
Cap dying is almost a tradition at Marvel. I wonder if the news outlets that covered this stunt were aware of this:

Captain America vol. 1 #443 Sep. '95 - Cap dies after his super-soldier serum gets corrupted. There is a whole issue without him, and issue #445 begins with his funeral (Bill Clinton is a pallbearer!). Two pages later - he's alive again.

Captain America vol. 1 #454 Aug. '96 - The long-running title is cancelled. Cap dies in battle with Onslaught, along with most of the Marvel Universe. He returns in Captain America vol. 3 #1 Jan. '98. (This is a "COLLECTOR'S ITEM 1st ISSUE" that today sells for less than cover price.)

Captain America vol. 3 #50 Feb. '02 - Cap is killed by a bomb, has a funeral, book gets cancelled. He returns in Captain America: Dead Man Running #1 Mar. '02. Captain America vol. 4 #1 Jun. '02 follows the mini-series.

Captain America vol. 4 #32 Dec. '04 - It's the final issue and Cap is dead on the cover. Inside he survives, but the book is still cancelled. Captain America vol. 5 #1 Jan. '05 appears the very next month. At this point, Marvel is just going through the motions.

Captain America vol. 5 #25 Apr. '07 - Cap is shot and killed. What is newsworthy here? The only surprising thing is that the next issue is not another #1 relaunch.

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