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Field Trip-The Prelude
"Live and let live Dr Cooper ." Said as voice as Nate appeared from one of the shadows that covered the corners of the room the government liason had occupied. "Its not as if we haven't seen anything like it before." A sly smile was firmly placed on the young man's face, he hair short and neat, and he was dressed very much like that of a business man, in a very expensive Armani suit.

He looked at the arriving members of the soon to be team and his smile grew fonder, he was remembering a time for this, when this life was 'fun' rather than a burden, or rather he was remembering someone elses memory, a draw back when when the memories of four differant entities, including his own, occupied the one place, Nate found it hard to assertain which was his and which was theirs. When Nate had gotten involved in this life it had rarely been fun for him; death, violence, sex and that was simply the good days, when you were possessed by an extradimensional demon force the stuff usually hit the fan, and in Nate's case it was an extremely big fan.

Since his expulsion from Extreme, and apparent betrayal of his team mates things had gone pretty much down hill, SHIELD too had granted him a dishonourable dismissal and had sent him on his way, not locking him up more out respect than duty. Nate had moved into seclusion, having very little contact with anyone, with the exception of a few of his closest friends, who had refused to believe of his betrayal, one being James Scott, a government liason for a UN sponsered hero team. In time though he was contacted by his government, a chance for reconcilation was offered, something he didn't need too much time to think about.

He had only arrived on the island a second earlier, when you travelled the shadow way's conventional transport wasn't all that appealing anymore. He was expecting to Val Cooper here, he had during his career as a super hero and agent of SHIELD met her a number of times and was still making his mind up about the woman, though needless to say he was sure she wasn't impressed with his Traitor status still hanging over his head.

"So has all our happy little family arrived yet or are we still expecting?" He asked as he pulled his suit cases through the shadows beside him.

-Shadow Strike

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