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Field Trip-The Prelude
His voice echoed in her mind for a split second before AJ raised her head up.
"You're blockin' my sun."

Angelee wasn't sure what to do. Was she dreaming? It had been a good long year since she had seen Cameron, and all the while her thoughts went back to a night, shortly before he left her in the realm between worlds...
"He's's him...deep breath..." Without missing a beat, AJ rolled over, pushed herself up on her elbows and pulled her sunglasses off and glared up at Cameron.
"Ah should ask ya what happened ta ya, but Ah know the answer Ah'll Ah won't bother." she put her sunglasses back on as Vicki settled at her side, barking at Cameron loudly.
Reaching for her clothes, she ignored the fact he was there and got dressed, admonishing Vicki to hush all the while.
"Stop it, he doesn't bite, and when he does, it's not for long sugah." she reached down and rubbed the dog's head and introduced Cameron and Vicki.
"Vicki mah girl, this, is Cameron. Yes, that Cameron...yes, Ah know ah what ah said...but ah was just sore ovah tha fact that he nevah came back afta, well, you know." she spoke more to the dog than to Cameron as she turned and began to tie the strings of her purple bikini top together.
Turning back to him, she crossed her arms and waited, while Vicki sat at her side, ready to take off Cameron's leg should he move.

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