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Field Trip-The Prelude
It was sometimes very difficult to get certain images out of your mind. Like the time ‘Vok walked in on Ch’od in the sonic shower. Or the time he came home to the Carnival, only to walk in on the middle of Taskmaster’s special ‘me’ time. There was not enough Oxyclean in the world to wash that image off his brain. And today, Xlorvok came across another of those indelible moments. But unlike most ‘burnt on brain’ images, ‘Vok planned to keep the thought of the naked sunbathing pixie with him forever. Even as he walked up the front steps of the old weather station, he tried to solidify its position in his brain, protecting it from the filth that Valerie Cooper would surely try to pile in on top of it. With only the slightest hesitation, he swung open the double doors, and walked in to find the Battle-ax standing there waiting for him.

In a loud, overly exaggerated tone of voice, ‘Vok broke in on the conversation, not caring that Shadow Strike might have still been talking. “Mighty fine to see you again, Doctor. I’m actually kinda surprised you pegged me behind this handsome face. Guess the men in black filled you in, eh?” ‘Vok grabbed a nearby desk chair by the back, and swung it around backwards. With a flourish he slung a leg over it, and leaned forward against the backrest. Before Val and Shadow Strike’s eyes, his features shifted, going green for a split second, and then realigning themselves in the form of a thickly built World War II veteran named Stonewall. “I woulda thought this old coot was more familiar to ya? But then, I guess it woulda been kinda wily to walk in here as a corpse.”

‘Vok hadn’t seen Val Cooper since the day she identified his body back on Muir Island. He had gotten fed up with the insanity of Mystique’s leadership, and the bureaucratic nonsense that Battle-ax brought to Freedom Force. Never being one to hang around when things got annoying, he allowed Pierce to ‘kill’ him, and as soon as the feds turned their backs, took the opportunity to disappear right out from under their noses. He thought he had flown pretty far under their radar, but his presence here told him differently. Not that he minded much, considering the alternative. It was either sun bathing with pixies, or avoiding the Absorbing Man in the showers. No choice at all really. Resigned to his fate, ‘Vok shifted his appearance once more. Where the well-muscled Stonewall had been sitting, a green skinned Skrull now sat with hand extended. “Since you obviously already have the 411, I’d like to introduce you to Xlorvok, Skrull pirate extraordinaire. But just hold onto one thing, I’m not here by choice, and I’m not here because I like you. So stay out me way, and we'll all be tickled, savvy?”

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