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Field Trip-The Prelude
Chandi ran along half the distances of the beach enjoying the thumping noise her feet made against the soft sand and how the soft ocean breeze brushed against her skin. Like usual the ocean was calmer to her, it was familiar and never changed or left it was a consent and with Chandi nothing was every stable or for sure. The young woman’s gaze soon moved from the ocean to the beach in front of her, and the people who seemed to be occupying it at that very moment, although still a great distances away from them she could make out what appeared to be two people speaking and another sitting further away with a surfboard. “Beauty I’ve got to deal with a Surfie, a White Pointer and a Perve.” Chandi muttered to herself. “Where’s my ticket home?” She questioned already wondering why she’d joined yet another superhero team, she’d left Valiant because she felt confined and stuck in a rut and here she was two years later and back at square one. “Well at least they aren’t all Digger’s.” Chandi smirked to herself as she tried to picture any one of the three people before her in the army as soldiers and soon broke down in a fit of giggles over the very thought, and she half hoped that her suspensions were true and that this lot weren’t tight laced military types. Still being a cooee away from the group Chandi wondered if she should drop the illusion and let her teammates met her as she truly is and soon came to the conclusion that this illusion was her security blanket and she wasn’t quiet ready to give that up just yet. After all Chandi didn’t even know if she could trust the people yet, so she might as well keep her game face on for just a little while longer.

Moving closer to the group Chandi finally got up the nerve to make her presences known to the three people she could see, “I’ve London to a brick that you’ve got about as much of an idea of what’s going on as I do, and if you’ve got more info then me please do tell.” Chandi hollered to the Surfie having honestly not paid much attention to Valerie Cooper, as she’d spoke to her. After all the woman hadn’t really had the time of day for Chandi so in return Chandi would treat her with the same respect. “No drama really if I don’t have a clue what’s going on, usually how things go anyway.” Chandi had kept up her steady running and was now much closer to the dark haired woman. “Excuse me for pushing in, kind of figured it was now or never that I met at least one of the poor souls on this team with me.” She apologized as she was now within five feet of the short dark haired Surfie.

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