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Field Trip-The Prelude
Turning back towards the ocean Cam sat heavily on the warm sand. "Ah got held up." he said quietly as he rested chin on his arms which he had folded across his knees. He stared out at the waters breaking softly on the glistening sand. "London was bad. Worse than ah thought it would be. Took a fair bit longer tae deal with they bloody Vampyres than ah thought it would." As he spoke, he shrugged off his shirt, letting it fall to the sand behind him. His back now exposed to the sun was etched with a network of silvery scars and tracks, no longer painful but a reminder of his battles. "When ah got back ye had already gone. Ah was on mah way tae see if ye were New Orleans when ah got sidetracked and had to go look after some family business with Gus. Things got out o' hand there as well." His gaze dropped from the ocean, centering on his toes digging into the sand. "When ah eventually got to New Orleans ye had already left. Ah'm sorry if ah upset ye. Ye ken ah would never dae anything tae hurt ye if ah could help it."

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