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Field Trip-The Prelude
Hand extended in truce, 'Vok watched as Cooper turned her back on him and walked up the stairs. Here he was, trying to be open, honest and candid, and she was holding true to form. Turning to Shadow Strike he nodded his head in the Battle-ax's direction. "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." Spinning in his seat, 'Vok now faced the man in the fancy suit. He had plainly heard what the man had grumbled under his breath about the Skrulls. With ears as big as his, it would have been hard to miss. But he decided not to hold it against him. Not yet anyway. If he had kicked the tar out of everyone he ever encountered that disparaged the Skrull people, he would have left a pretty nasty trail of bodies throughout his life. The man’s words didn’t mean much too him at the moment anyway, for ‘Vok was still thinking about the last thing Cooper had said to him. Absent mindedly, he took Nate’s hand, and shook it. “I’m Xlorvok, nice to meet you Travis. Did she just say I could leave?” Giving the man no time to respond, he tossed his chair aside and made for the door, “Yeah that’s what I thought she said. I’m vapor.”

He transformed his skin once more into the guise of John Starling and walked back outside into the warm tropical sun. Leaving the man in armani standing in the lobby alone, ‘Vok made haste down the front steps and out towards the beach. On his way, he passed by the pink haired chick, and waved at her. “I do so wish we could have gotten better acquainted my dear, but I just got the all clear. I’m history”

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