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Field Trip-The Prelude
"Ah've travelled halfway round the world for her. Ah've crossed dimensions fer her. Ah guess ah just proved absense disnae make the heart grow fonder." Cam spoke angrily as his brow creased in frustration. "Damn it all tae hell. "Ah did 'port her a message though that ah would be held up. That bloody mither o' hers arranged for it tae 'disappear' ah'll bet." he hissed as he kicked at the sand beneath his foot somewhat petulantly his ire subsiding almost swiftly as it had risen. "If she didnae have a point though ah might be inclined tae argue." He fingered the chain which hung around his neck as he looked out at the ocean once more, trying to figure out where he might have got out from under his other commitments in order to return to AJ as intended. At the end of the chain the small globe began to glow from within, a subtle pulse of blue white light which flowed into the intricate filigre which snaked over the globe. Strands of energy began to wriggle free from the pendant, twisting together in front of him. As he watched the energy it seemed almost alive, each strand moving as if it did so with a purpose only it knew. The face began to form, the one which had got him through some dark times. The one that reminded him what he had to look forward to. "Damnit!" He clenched his fist tightly around the sphere. The face forming ahead of him shuddered then dissolved, becoming dust motes which danced away on the light ocean breeze.

Turning his head up the beach, he caught a glimpse of her hair as she disappeared back into the trees. With a deep sigh he let his eyes drift back down the beach falling on the small group which had gathered while he was lost in thought. Pushing himself slowly up of the sand, he reached down and picked up his shirt from where it had fallen. "Ah suppose ah should say hello at least." he mumbled to himself as he began walking across the sand towards them. As he walked he slipped his arms back into his shirt although left it unbuttoned, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his chest. Forcing his face into what he hoped looked like a welcoming smile he held out his hand as he approached. "Hullo there. Mah name's Cam..."

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