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Field Trip-The Prelude
Angelee looked at the man as he walked past her and made the remark. Leaning against the door, she smiled wickedly.
"Tha's a damn shame sugah, Ah was at least hopin' to find out how you like your eggs." her voice poured on the southern charm as she tilted her head and pulled off her sunglasses.
"Ain't that a shame Vicki, this one didn't even get a chance before he bailed on us." she motioned her head towards the dog, then sighed and turned to walk through the door of the compound, speaking to Vicki as she did, knowing the sexy stranger heard her.
"And Ah bet he was a tiger in tha sack, too."

She walked down the hallway, Vicki following behind her left sandy wet pawprints all over Val Cooper's spiffy clean tile floors. Her mind wasn't on the doors, she wasn't looking at what had been up until today a series of empty rooms off the of main living room and kitchen, she pushed off to the door at the very end of the hallway and smiled to herself as she opened the door. One of the perks of arriving early was that she had claimed dibs on the largest of the bedrooms. A huge window flowed across the wall, giving her a panoramic view of the beach and the ocean.
Closing the door, she leaned against it and let out a deep troubled sigh.
"Ah nevah thought Ah'd see him again...Ah mean, Ah thought Ah had worked through all of this. Maybe he did try ta come back, maybe he just couldn't get through tha veil?...but Vicki, didn't he just look...girl, it's been far too long. Ah just wanted ta throw myself in his arms, but a girl's got pride ya know? Ah mean, ovah a year of build up to one night, then he leaves....but what a night....what a night indeed." with a somewhat dreamy smile on her face, AJ sat down on the window ledge and pushed open the window and let the warm ocean air wash over her. It was doing nothing to calm the memories that Cameron had stirred in her.

(OOC-Details OKd by GM)

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