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Field Trip-The Prelude
Kei quirked an eyebrow looking from Cam to Nathaniel then to Chandi, “Where were they when I had to break my back tryin’ to take my stuff to the base?” She commented looking both men up and down again, “Could have at least used the help with the board bag…” A scowl crossed her face briefly before she broke into a toothy smile and took Cam’s offered hand, shaking it, “My names Kei.” Letting the hand drop she crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for any one of the three to speak again. She couldn’t stand having to carry a conversation alone, especially not with near strangers.

‘Get used to it, not like you can leave.’ She thought to herself as she absently ran her hand through her, ‘with the whole probation agreement and all, you’ve got at least 6 month’s with this team.’ Kei fought the urge to sigh, wishing for the first time since she’d left Oahu that she didn’t have to join this team to appease the government and to avoid jail.

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