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Field Trip-The Prelude
Angelee smiled at John as he took the Jamacian rum and propped his feet up.
Reaching over to the night stand, she grinned widely and pulled out a bottle of Puerto Rician.
"See, Ah have a hard time lettin' go of things Ah love. Like Rum. Ah figured you for tha burnin' Jamacian...Ah'll take the PR." She winked and unscrewed the bottle and took a healthy swig. Recapping it, she stuffed it back into the nightstand and began to regal him with stories of her past, Vicki, New Orleans, but never once did she mention the most recent span of years in her life.
"So yeah, Ah used ta race motorcycles. It's a rough game, but ya just gotta know how to handle tha machine. Ah think Ah outgrew that. Moved on to other things...Ah outgrew alot of things." she cast a glance towards the window before looking back at him and smiling.
"So, spill it! Ah wanna know all about the mysterious man drinkin' up mah rum!"

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